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“I was surprised and delighted to receive from --- for Christmas the beautiful planes you made. The artistry you display is a gift, and I feel privileged to be a proud owner.

I enjoy carving oars, especially spoons, and with two sets pending, I can't wait to put them to good use. I have a feeling that the spirits in them will also enjoy the work like it is said huskies enjoy pulling a sled.

Solid blocks, sharp corners in the throat, smoothly finished end-grain, artistic exterior, a handsome name-stamp on the heel, and beautiful osage-orange wood - a fine job indeed. Thank you very much.”


“I’ve taken several days to let the beauty and the effort you put into that plane sink into my soul.

The amazing thing about that plane is that it is in motion even at rest.  Such energy Ben.  Such a full-on thoroughbred…  dancing in place, sidestepping, foaming at the bit.  So original yet of the ages as well.  It is a most magnificent piece of functional art.

The power of the forward leaning shape coupled with the most elegant handle I have ever seen strikes a balance between yin and yang the masters spend lifetimes trying to achieve. So who are you really young Ben Bentley?”


“We just wanted to send an email to let you know how much we appreciate the beautiful custom plane that --- had you make for us.  You are a very gifted craftsman.  The woods are absolutely beautiful and we can tell you spent a lot of time making sure it was so special.  We have it on a display shelf in our office and will treasure it every time we look at it.  It is a one of a kind, very special gift.  Thank you again for all the work you put into it.”


“This tool is a wholly priceless testament to the beauty found in form and function, crafted with honestly gifted hands” 


"It's a rad ass knife"


"It is perfect.  Your knife wins against my best Japanese steel kitchen knife." 


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